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Effacts is changing all the rules, by empowering you to manage and control your legal facts.

Save time and focus on better business performance.

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Manage all your legal facts and contracts in a single platform that provides you with:


Never worry about missing a deadline or losing a document. One place to track facts and audit contracts, entities, claims.


Streamline your corporate processes thanks to alerts, standard workflow and powerful reporting capabilities.


Plug & play, with the flexibility you need to work the way you want and no need for training.
Access anywhere, anytime

Access anywhere, anytime

With your high-security web-based platform you can access your legal facts on any device, anywhere in the world whether you are at the office or on-the-go.

Take control of your legal affairs.

Find out how you can save time, optimize costs and see results. Start today, in a simple and affordable way, without effort.
Effacts can help.
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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time spent on managing your legal risks?
Do you lack a comprehensive overview of your organization’s active contracts?
Is your department stuck working with spreadsheets and paper reports?
1,000+ companies worldwide use the Effacts software

Laura Nguyen (Legal Counsel) 33 years old

“I like being able to create legal reports and see any changes I make instantly.” 


Miguel Navarro (General Counsel) 36 years old

“There are so many moving parts when you run a legal department. Having one platform for everyone that I can use to oversee all legal matters affecting the company is very valuable.” 


Annette van der Meijden (General Counsel) 36 years old

“Since using Effacts we have never had to worry about missing a deadline again, because we receive alerts well ahead of time.” 


Simon Hendrickx (General Counsel) 46 years old

“These days legal departments are often asked to do more with less. Effacts is the solution that has made my legal department see results faster while being cost effective."


Charles Abbott (CEO) 36 years old

Oversight is necessary concerning when an obligation needs to be fulfilled and by whom. With Effacts it has been so simple for the organization to see who is responsible for what type of contracts and the value of those contracts. 


Joris de Nijs (Paralegal) 29 years old

“Effacts helps me to keep track of all the legal matters I am in charge of in one place, and also can be used by my superiors for a higher level overview of all legal matters affecting the company.” 


Ruben van Beek (CEO) 51 years old

“Effacts has given me more confidence that I am making the appropriate decisions to decrease my organization’s exposure to legal issues, so we can stay one step ahead.” 


Marlien Schouten (Paralegal) 32 years old

“The software is very user-friendly - it is easy to use regardless of your level of experience. Everybody feels like they are in control.” 


Julian Osbourne (CFO) 57 years old

“It is important for me to understand all the legal risks that affect my company. The legal department has consistently stayed on top of all legal matters since they started using Effacts.”