Preparing your startup for due diligence

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Preparing for due diligence can be an all-consuming task for a startup. A potential investor or buyer might demand a long list of legal documents: board meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, the top 50 customer vendor agreements, the historical ownership structure of the company, and more. It’s up to your team to pull everything together in a timely manner to […]

CFO: Managing legal matters without a General Counsel

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Ideally, the CFO and GC work together in the best interest of  the company, fighting against legal and financial disaster. Coordinating their efforts, the GC and CFO identify areas of risk and areas of value, ensuring that legal concerns are communicated and budgets are respected. But, what if you don’t have a GC? For many start-ups and small organizations, surviving […]

5 tips for improving collaboration between legal and other departments

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It’s an unfortunate reality, but in many small organizations the legal department is still seen as a “cost center” and a barrier to “getting deals done”. As General Counsel, it’s your aim to improve compliance and reduce legal risks across the entire organization. However, when colleagues avoid consulting in-house counsel because Legal is seen as a bottleneck, your role as protector of […]

Report: Are GCs equipped to adapt to their changing role?

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In organizations big and small, in-house lawyers are increasingly being asked to play a more strategic role. In addition to being legal experts, General Counsels (GCs) are taking on added responsibilities as senior managers and business leaders. The C-Suite looks to the GC to provide up-to-date, accurate information on a wide variety of legal matters, combined with strategic legal advice […]

Equipping your legal department for the next cyber-attack

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As many of us returned to work today we read news of the latest global ransomware attack that has impacted computers around the world. (Latest numbers estimate as many as 200,000 companies effected in over 150 countries, and growing!) According to experts, it appears that the malicious software entered companies when employees clicked on email attachments, then spreads quickly as employees share […]

Press Release: Wolters Kluwer launches effacts in France

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Yesterday in Paris, at “La matinale des juristes d’entreprise” Hubert Chemla, Président Diréctéur General of Wolters Kluwer France, officially launched effacts in France. As the first business software from Wolters Kluwer France for small to mid-sized legal departments, effacts is a smart and cost-effective solution that helps General Counsel manage their company’s legal information and generate insights that can help them transform their […]

Preparing for audits – the challenge for small legal departments

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Preparing for audits can be a big challenge for small legal departments. Not only are they time-consuming, but preparing for an audit can be a huge drain on legal resources. Auditors can demand a long list of documents: from anti-money laundering policies, evidence of compliance with anti-discrimination rules or data protection laws. Since many audits come by surprise – or at […]

3 myths about getting started with in-house legal software

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In-house counsel see technology as an opportunity to raise efficiency however myths exist that prevent many from implementing software in their own legal departments. Getting budget approval, difficulty integrating existing systems and a lack of time are often cited as the main barriers to adopting innovation. However, these challenges can easily be overcome with the right approach. In this post […]

4 ways effacts beats other cloud storage solutions for in-house legal teams

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There is no mistaking the power of cloud storage. Cloud solutions offer legal departments the ability to increase access to shared documents and move away from less secure methods of document storage, like paper files or saving files on a hard drive. However, generic document storage software like Dropbox or SharePoint do not always meet the specific and varied needs of inside […]

How reporting on contract management can help you become a more strategic GC

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As General Counsel, one of your responsibilities is to keep track of the potential risks and opportunities in the company’s contract portfolio. However, when businesses have large contract portfolios, tracking the contract lifecycle from initiation though award, compliance and renewal can become a burden without the proper reports. Wasting time tracking down data means time away from assuming a more […]