3 reasons why legal departments are choosing the cloud

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Cloud technology and web applications have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. From Dropbox to Google and Facebook to Spotify, we’re using the cloud applications in so many ways to connect with friends and family throughout the world, across all our devices. As we become more comfortable using the cloud and web apps in our private lives, we become even […]

Going paperless: 8 steps to digitize your in-house legal team

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In the most basic sense, going paperless means we use software to create documents, we send them via email instead of printing and mailing, and we store them in digital format instead of in filing cabinets. Replacing paper with technology saves us time and money, making us more efficient and effective. While the advantages of a paperless, digital office are hard […]

Why it’s time for your legal department to go paperless

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Does your legal department still print and archive every contract? Do you require printed drafts of contracts to review? If so, it’s high time to take your legal department paperless! Improved cloud technology and security are prompting many legal departments to prioritize paperless processes. And it’s not just about being environmentally friendly! At the most basic level, paperless systems see […]

Do more with less: Bring IP Management in-house with the right tech

Patent filings are on the rise, but in-house IP management budgets are shrinking. That according to the annual “2017 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator” report from patent filing services provider RWS inovia, which found that while patent filing are up 16 percent over last year, one-third of in-house counsel surveyed have dealt with IP budget cuts in 2016. To deal […]

Report: Taking care of legal issues can save UK SMEs billions

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  How large are your annual losses from legal issues?  A recent report from LawBite found that UK’s SMEs are losing over £13.6 billion pounds a year by failing to take care of their legal issues. With the average SME in the UK encountering more than 8 legal issues a year – ranging from contract or customer claim disputes to IP issues – 43% of these […]

Replacing Excel with workflow software for legal departments

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For a long time, Excel has helped many legal departments get organized and make sense of their data. Excel is often the first tool we reach for to compile data, calculate, and share results on a full range of matters, from contract deadlines, claim status, or data to identify risk. However, once data is plugged into a spreadsheet, we often find ourselves wanting […]

Preparing your startup for due diligence

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Preparing for due diligence can be an all-consuming task for a startup. A potential investor or buyer might demand a long list of legal documents: board meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, the top 50 customer vendor agreements, the historical ownership structure of the company, and more. It’s up to your team to pull everything together in a timely manner to […]

CFO: Managing legal matters without a General Counsel

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Ideally, the CFO and GC work together in the best interest of  the company, fighting against legal and financial disaster. Coordinating their efforts, the GC and CFO identify areas of risk and areas of value, ensuring that legal concerns are communicated and budgets are respected. But, what if you don’t have a GC? For many start-ups and small organizations, surviving […]

5 tips for improving collaboration between legal and other departments

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It’s an unfortunate reality, but in many small organizations the legal department is still seen as a “cost center” and a barrier to “getting deals done”. As General Counsel, it’s your aim to improve compliance and reduce legal risks across the entire organization. However, when colleagues avoid consulting in-house counsel because Legal is seen as a bottleneck, your role as protector of […]

Report: Are GCs equipped to adapt to their changing role?

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In organizations big and small, in-house lawyers are increasingly being asked to play a more strategic role. In addition to being legal experts, General Counsels (GCs) are taking on added responsibilities as senior managers and business leaders. The C-Suite looks to the GC to provide up-to-date, accurate information on a wide variety of legal matters, combined with strategic legal advice […]