Press Release: Wolters Kluwer launches effacts in France

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Yesterday in Paris, at “La matinale des juristes d’entreprise” Hubert Chemla, Président Diréctéur General of Wolters Kluwer France, officially launched effacts in France. As the first business software from Wolters Kluwer France for small to mid-sized legal departments, effacts is a smart and cost-effective solution that helps General Counsel manage their company’s legal information and generate insights that can help them transform their […]

Preparing for audits – the challenge for small legal departments

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Preparing for audits can be a big challenge for small legal departments. Not only are they time-consuming, but preparing for an audit can be a huge drain on legal resources. Auditors can demand a long list of documents: from anti-money laundering policies, evidence of compliance with anti-discrimination rules or data protection laws. Since many audits come by surprise – or at […]

3 myths about getting started with in-house legal software

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In-house counsel see technology as an opportunity to raise efficiency however myths exist that prevent many from implementing software in their own legal departments. Getting budget approval, difficulty integrating existing systems and a lack of time are often cited as the main barriers to adopting innovation. However, these challenges can easily be overcome with the right approach. In this post […]

4 ways effacts beats other cloud storage solutions for in-house legal teams

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There is no mistaking the power of cloud storage. Cloud solutions offer legal departments the ability to increase access to shared documents and move away from less secure methods of document storage, like paper files or saving files on a hard drive. However, generic document storage software like Dropbox or SharePoint do not always meet the specific and varied needs of inside […]

How reporting on contract management can help you become a more strategic GC

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As General Counsel, one of your responsibilities is to keep track of the potential risks and opportunities in the company’s contract portfolio. However, when businesses have large contract portfolios, tracking the contract lifecycle from initiation though award, compliance and renewal can become a burden without the proper reports. Wasting time tracking down data means time away from assuming a more […]

How GCs can better manage intellectual property registrations

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Are your intellectual property registrations at risk? Intellectual property – whether it is physical or digital – is likely one of your company’s  most important assets. Intellectual property (IP), like inventions, words, symbols or artistic work, are often the main sources of revenue for your business. And as such, they need to be protected. Registering IP rights including patents, copyright, […]

7 tips for getting your legal tech budget approved

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According to a recent study, securing a legal tech budget is the greatest challenge GCs face when trying to harness technology to raise efficiency. In fact, 64% of GCs report that getting budget is the biggest hurdle they face when trying to improve their tech use, followed by difficulties with integration and lack of time. While most GCs know that […]

6 productivity metrics to improve legal department performance

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As General Counsel, you need to be able to define and track efficiency opportunities, and communicate the value the legal department is generating for the company. Metrics can help legal departments quantify, analyze and report on performance and demonstrate business value.

5 keys to choosing software to manage your legal information

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As an in-house lawyer you need to be in control of your company's legal information and provide insights to your CEO or CFO to inform important business decisions.

New! Document Booker feature

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One of the key features to aid legal departments in processing their incoming documents is the Document Booker. It allows you to collect and process multiple documents in effacts efficiently into the correct matter. There are two ways to book a document to the correct matter: link it to an existing matter (e.g. corporate folder) or create a new matter.