How small legal departments can cope with an increasing workload

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If you think your job is more demanding and time consuming than a year ago, you are not alone. About 3/4 of in-house lawyers say workloads have increased compared to 2016. The question is, how can small legal departments cope with this increasing workload? For small legal departments that lack the budget to increase headcount or outsource legal work, this […]

GDPR: Choosing the right tool to manage personal data

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Are you searching for a tool to track and manage personal data within your organization? As the deadline for GDPR compliance approaches, the pressure is on to have systems and processes in place that keep data safe and help you mitigate the risks of a data breach. Obligations for both data controllers and processors have increased in comparison to the 1995 Data Protection […]

GDPR: Does your business need to maintain data processing records?

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As the compliance deadline approaches, legal departments are working with other departments in the company, like IT, to ensure that infrastructure and systems help your organization meet the new GDPR requirements. New requirements under the GDPR relating to data processing record keeping represent entirely new challenges for legal departments and data protection officers. The GDPR stipulates broad requirements regarding the documentation and proof of compliance. Controllers […]

Best Practices for Managing Data Privacy

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Do you know exactly where your organization’s information is stored, and how? If you answered “no” or “not sure,” you have some work to do. Protecting data has become a complex task for organizations not due to the sheer amount of data, but also because of concerns about where and how the information is stored. Organizations that fail to protect their data and that of their customers suffer the consequences, rangign from hefty fines, lawsuits, and negative publicity. Here are a few best practices your organization can adopt to protect their information:

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017 for in-house legal teams & General Counsel

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As we look back at the past year, we thought we’d count down the top 10 blog posts of 2017 for in-house legal teams and General Counsel. Which were the topics that raked up hundreds of reads? Which tips were the most shared across email and social media? Keep reading for the top posts of 2017 and click through to read the […]

Legal Department Trends for 2018: Cyber-security, GDPR and more!

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What trends will impact your small legal department in 2018? When we look back at 2017, it has been a year marked by changes in regulations (i.e. GDPR), legislative uncertainty (i.e. Brexit) and cyber threats (i.e. ransomware attacks). As such, the role of in-house lawyers has evolved – and in 2018 this evolution will be even more apparent. In 2018, […]

What in-house lawyers need to know about data protection impact assessments (DPIA)

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As the deadline for complying to GDPR looms, many in-house lawyers are asking “Do I need to conduct a DPIA?”. Art. 35 GDPR introduces the data-protection impact assessment (DPIA) as a new instrument in your data protection toolkit. A DPIA serves to identify and evaluate risks within an organizations processes and systems, in order to keep the privacy of data […]

How ineffective legal information management is leaving you burdened (and putting the business at risk!)

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For legal departments large and small, effective document and information management is fundamental to their success. In-house lawyers need to be able to look up contract information, track your obligations, generate insights on risk and opportunities at the snap of a finger. Not to mention that legal department is in a unique position to set an example for the rest of the […]

Brexit & Contract Management: Dealing with legislative changes

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Brexit will usher in an unprecedented amount of  legal and regulatory change that will impact your organization, specifically your contracts. As an in-house lawyer, an effective system for managing and reporting on your contracts is your best weapon for dealing with legislative changes and mitigating risk. Contracts represent a valuable asset to any business. And, like any asset, in-house lawyers […]

LegalEdge: How Better Legal Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

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Lawyers don’t make it easy for SMEs. Many charge sky-high legal fees and bamboozle with jargon, yet they don’t deliver obvious ROI. It’s no wonder many businesses don’t know where to start with it and, in fact, don’t have a legal budget at all. Check out the advice from LegalEdge CEO Donna Sewell on how to manage your legal budget, […]