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Are you looking for a secure platform to organize meetings of your board and other committees? The Effacts Boardroom helps you organize your meeting, invite all members, create a clear agenda, make annotations, assign tasks and approve minutes and resolutions. 100% digitally and secure.


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Organize your meetings efficiently and 100% digitally

  • Unlimited number of committees and members
  • 100% control of confidential information
  • Annotate in PDF with iAnnotate
  • Create workflow for minutes and resolutions
  • Fixed templates for meetings and agendas
  • One-click email for invitations and notifications
  • Alerts for changes and new information
  • Clear management reports and audits
  • Extended search options in archive
  • Free Boardroom App for use on tablets
Effacts Boardroom

Boardroom App for mobile devices

  • Efficient and secure disclosure information to members.
  • No longer distribution via email and/or post.
  • One source for information, all members on the same page.
  • Digital approval for minutes and resolutions.

You can try the Boardroom for free. If you want to continue to use the Boardroom, we will charge you a subscription fee based on the number of editors. Please note that our General Terms, Hosting Terms and Privacy Policy apply to all our products and services.

Our pricing plan  Boardroom App available in the App store

Boardroom App available in the App store

Boardroom Manual

The Boardroom manual aims to familiarise the user with the functionalities of the meeting solution Effacts Boardroom to organize flexible, efficient, useful and secure meetings.


Download Boardroom manual (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

What does the structure of the Boardroom look like?
Every customer gets his own Effacts database. Users can use their PC to save and manage all of the information within this database in a structured way. The database consists of Committees, Board members, Meetings, Minutes and Documents. Every user can access the information in the database through a browser and through the Boardroom App.
How does a user get the documents on to the iPad?
After the user has signed in, the Boardroom connects to the Effacts database through a internet connection. All documents that are relevant to the user are automatically downloaded to the iPad. If the documents have already been downloaded, only the newer versions of these documents will be downloaded.
How is the connection secured?
The communication between the Effacts database and the user's iPad for downloading and synchronizing of the documents is encrypted with 256-bit AES.
How long are the documents saved on the iPad?
The Administrator of the Effacts database can set for which period after the end of the meeting the documents are saved on the iPad of the user. After this set period the documents will be deleted automatically from the iPad when the user signs into on the Boardroom. The user's personal notes will still be available in the Boardroom until the user decides to delete the notes himself.
How does the authorization of the user works?
The authorization of the user is accomplished through different steps:

Step 1 is the standard authorization of the iPad itself. This key can be set by the user. Normally the security of the iPad is set for 4 digits or more if set by the user.

Step 2 is the authorization of the Boardroom through the login and password of the user. The Administrator can set the password strenght and several other options in the Effacts database.

Step 3 is optional and provides for an extra authorization based on a certificate of the iPad. This option makes it possible for the user to only be able to use a specific iPad to log into the Boardroom after this iPad has been authorized by the Administrator.

Additional options for authorization like tokens and single sign-on are possible on the Effacts database after consultation with Effacts. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about these additional options.
How does it work when there are new meetings?
It is important that the Administrator of the meeting can upload a new version of a certain document at the very last moment. Effacts will make sure that every user will always be able to see which version he or she is using. Older versions can still be viewed in the Effacts database.
Is there an archive?
The Effacts database is capable of storing an unlimited amount of meetings, documents, committees and other information. Because of the unique structure of the database it is easy to find historical information.
Is 2-factor authentication possible for the database and the iPad?
For the Effacts database it is possible to use tokens and other security options, however this is not yet supported in the Boardroom.
Can the Boardroom be used for something else?
The Effacts database is expandable without any limits. However the Boardroom is specially developed to support the meeting process.
Can the software be installed on our own server?
The Effacts database can be installed on your own internet or intranet server at any time. This means that every client can start in the cloud and upon successfully working with Effacts, install the Effacts database on their own network or server. It is also possible the other way around: start on your own server and switch to the cloud option later on.
Can the users share their notes and annotations with others?
The basic idea of the Boardroom is that the documents remain the property of the owner of the Effacts database and the notes remain the property of the user. A user can therefore easily email and print all personal notes directly from the Boardroom. By making use of the structure of the meeting this is very clear for everyone.
Can a agenda be reused for new meetings?
A user can create a fixed template for an agenda. This template can then be duplicated with the push of a button. It is therefore not necessary to recreate all the agenda items for each new meeting and invite the users manually.
Can a user access their documents even without an Internet connection?
The Boardroom allows a user to download their documents to the iPad prior to the meeting. If the Internet connection is lost, the documents remain available. Once the user has Internet access, a synchronization is performed automatically.
Is the user able to send the documents on the iPad via email or save them in other applications?
The Administrator of the Effacts database can decide whether or not users can forward or save documents to other applications such as Goodreader or Dropbox. In doing so, the control of the documents from the Effacts database is of course no longer possible. This option is not set by default, so users are unable to export documents from the Boardroom in any way.
Can a user access the information using Single Sign-On?
For the Effacts database, integration with the active directory/single sign-on is possible. This will prevent employees that have left the company from accessing Effacts even if their account is still active. It also improves ease-of-use, because after logging into the PC no further password needs to be entered. However, Single Sign-On is not yet available for the Boardroom.
Can a user create notes in the Boardroom?
The Boardroom provides two possibilities to create notes. There is the possibility to create "yellow sticky notes" on all meetings and documents. There is also a possibility to create notes on PDF files because of our co-operation with iAnnotate.
Can a user see old documents?
Each user can directly access the Effacts database to see legacy documents. These documents are not stored on the iPad and contain a watermark (name of user and timestamp of viewing).
Can a user search in all documents?
Every user can search in the Effacts database as long as they have approval from the Administrator. The search works for all information including the documents. The search option is standard in the Boardroom view of the Effacts database.
Is it possible to send an invitation to all users?
The Effacts database makes it possible to automatically send an invitation to all board members. The board members can place this invitation directly into their own agenda.
Is it possible to vote within the Boardroom?
It is possible for the board members to digitally vote on certain decissions through the Effacts database. The signing takes place by registering the login and password of the board member. To use this option it is necesarry that the user signs into the Effacts database.
Can someone be invited once to a meeting?
In addition to the board members who are invited to a meeting automatically, the Secretary may grant someone one time access to the information of a specific meeting or even a specific agenda item.
Can be verified that someone has downloaded a document?
In the Effacts database all actions of the users are logged. The Administrator can oversee both the reading and changing of all the information by users. The complete audit trail of a meeting is ensured in this way.
Can alerts be sent when new information is posted?
The Administrator of the Effacts database is able to set different alerts for the user. For example, a user can get a notice when a new meeting is placed, a document is modified or another user has added an agenda item.
Can resolutions be captured?
The Effacts database provides extensive options for capturing, approving and monitoring resolutions and minutes. Each user can undertake these actions using the iPad.
Can documents be deleted when the iPad is lost or stolen?
There are several options available to delete all documents remotely from the iPad like the Apple Remote Wipe option. To do this, it is necessary that the iPad connects to the Internet and that the user has had this option set on the iPad.
Can documents be deleted when the iPad is hacked?
It is possible to set that the documents on the iPad will be automatically deleted after a wrong code is entered several times.
Can multiple boards use the Boardroom?
The unique Role Based Access Control system allows a user to be a member of several boards. It is even possible that a user is administrator of one board and only a member of another board.
Can users create management reports?
The Effacts database has unlimited potential to create management reports from all data such as the number of meetings, the decisions taken, the amount of documents, the latest actions and other statistics. The Administrator of the Effacts database can assign these rights to the users.
Can users work offline with the Boardroom?
The moment a user has downloaded the meeting to the iPad an internet connection is no longer required. So while in a plane or travelling a user can simply review and edit documents without internet costs.
Can users also access information without an iPad?
The Effacts database works on every pc and other tablets. The two specific features of the iPad App (working offline and making notes with iAnnotate) does not work yet on these devices. All other functionality is still available. Many customers use a Effacts database for meeting management without using the Boardroom iPad App.
How are the documents stored on the iPad?
The documents are stored in the IOS Secure Storage on the iPad. This storage is encryption with 256-bit AES. It is not possible to see these documents without entering the iPad's code.
What happens when a new version of a document is added?
The latest version of a document is downloaded automatically when a user logs on to the Boardroom App. IMPORTANT: if the user wants to keep the personal notes in earlier versions of the document, the user should not modify the document but upload a completely new version in the meeting instead.
What happens to the annotations?
The annotations are saved in the iPad until the user decides to delete them. The notes that are made using iAnnotate are inextricably linked to the PDF in which they are created. The default setting control that these notes are deleted as soon as the documents are deleted from the iPad.
What happens to the users memos?
The memos remain on the iPad until the user decides to delete them. Even after the documents have been removed from the iPad, the memos remain stored in the personal archive of the user.
What is the advantage of the Boardroom compared to an ordinary Internet browser?
Using the Boardroom, an organization can share information with board members in an optimally protected way. Documents can not be printed or emailed. Users can view the digital documents offline. The Boardroom is also very user friendly, anyone can get started right away. Finally, the Boardroom offers the ability to create personal memos and annotate documents.
What are the costs of the Boardroom?
The Boardroom App is available for download by users for free. The license costs for the Effacts database are very transparent. Our pricing plans are shown on the website and are determined by the amount of users and the choice between hosting/installation.
What can users do with the documents?
In Effacts database, you have the option to turn off the export of documents from the App. This ensures that the documents can not be forwarded or saved. If you do not concider this an issue, you can activate the export option allowing users to email the dosuments, save them to Dropbox, Goodreader, and many other applications.
What are the authentication options for the Effacts database?
The Administrator of the Effacts database is able to set various additional security options like extra strong passwords, frequency of adjusting passwords, IP filters and additional security options such as certificates and tokens.
Which other companies are using the Boardroom?
Thousands of companies are using a Effacts database. On our website you can find the names of some of our customers. For personal references, you can always contact our Service Desk for an introduction.
What additional features does the Effacts database provide?
Because the Boardroom uses the Effacts corporate database you can instantly benefit from over 10 years of experience in the field of digital conferencing. The database provides opportunities to create orgcharts, keep procuration agreements, maintain lists of decrees, automatically send alerts, publish financial reports and much more.
What types of documents are supported by the Boardroom?
The Boardroom works for most common document types such as PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point. The iAnnotate features only work for PDF documents.
Are the Apple data protection API's used for storage on the iPad?
The information is stored in the storage space of the Boardroom App within the iPad which ensures that other applications can not access this information. If the iPad is protected by a security code, the documents will be stored encrypted using the standard encryption capabilities of the iPad.
Are documents automatically converted to PDF?
The Boardroom can be used with other documents than PDF. The user can easily convert any document into PDF format using their own PC and the Effacts database.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +31 20 330 16 82.