Give Your Team the Legal Management Tools That Effacts Software Provides

You have streamlined every other aspect of your organization, and now you have turned your attention to the organization of your legal management department.

Does your old system leave your right hand wondering what your left hand has been up to the last week? Are critical documents being lost in untitled, ad-hoc file folders on your desktop as you troll through your old emails in search of critical data?

A finely tuned legal department requires tight control over all aspects of the information trail, and strict accountability when it comes to documentation handling. Here at Effacts, we specialize in delivering the legal process management tools that provide all your legal solutions on one central platform. With our easy-to-use software packages, you will control the flow of information in your own hands.

Legal Process Management Prevents Things From Falling Between the Cracks

Regardless of the size of your legal department, or your demands for legal accountability, when it's time for the legal department to step up to the plate, they need to bring their A-game to the legal table.  As such, they cannot be seen scrambling about in search of critical documentation ahead of negotiations, nor should they be caught flat-footed by unforeseen legal risks. With our powerful legal management tools at their disposal, their organizational skills will leave opposing counsel believing that they are dealing with a top-notch law firm rather than your in-house, legal mom & pop shop.

Manage Corporate Governance, Legal Risks, Document Retention, and More

There are a myriad of threads coming from your legal ball of yard that need to be effectively managed in order to be of any use to you or your organization. The difference between a sweater and a pile of yarn on the floor is a plan and some organization. Our software solutions guarantee that you will end up with a nice-looking sweater rather than an inviting environment for cats to play.

You can control file sharing, meeting minutes, legal process management, contract templates, e-contracting, and more when you decide that legal process outsourcing, to our powerful legal management software programs, is the ideal solution for organizing your legal affairs.

Receive automatic alerts and instant notifications when issues of risk management arise, and effectively control your workflow with advanced search and sharing functions.

Contact us today to see how we can implement a legal management solution within 24-hours that is safe, secure, and accurate.