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A simple and affordable smart repository to transform your company’s legal information from a burden into a strategic advantage.

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Welcome to effacts, your smart legal dashboard.

One secure place to manage and report on all your entities, contracts, compliance, claims and corporate housekeeping. Simple, smart tools that give you superpowers.


The power to be efficient

You’ll have all your company information to hand whenever you need it.

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All your corporate information in one place


Store and search all of your company’s contracts, claims, compliance documents and corporate information.

Tasks and deadlines in hand


Assign tasks and receive alerts so you never miss a critical deadline.

Wherever you are, whatever device


Access files and information 24/7, wherever you need them.


The power to be strategic

You’ll have smart tools to extract valuable insights from your legal data.

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Detailed reports at the touch of a button


Generate insights on every aspect of your company, including directorships and senior appointments about to expire, licence agreements due for review, outstanding claims for a specific subsidiary or key liabilities in supplier contracts.

Historical snapshots at your fingertips


Generate an overview of all your entities and their directors and shareholders – as they stand today or at any point in the past.

Visual dashboards


Use dashboards, charts and diagrams to aid communication and create extra impact.


The power to manage legal risk

You’ll be able to identify, control and report on your company’s legal risks.

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Risk assessment


Prioritise your actions according to risk levels.

Data collection


Collect the facts you need to identify areas of risk according to predefined rules across legal domains.

Risk mitigation


Set alerts and reminders for critical events like contract renewals, filing deadlines and compliance policies.


The power to empower

You’ll easily collaborate with and empower other departments.

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Access control


Provide access to contracts, claims and company information to departments or individual members of staff.



Allow the rest of the organisation to generate pre-approved forms such as Non Disclosure Agreements and contracts that comply with legally approved language and thresholds, without you drafting every clause.



Make compliance policies available to colleagues all over the business.

More than 1,000 in-house lawyers already use effacts. See what they say

  • Citizen

    “I can’t imagine a legal life now without effacts. Before effacts, we were unable to effectively keep track of our corporate structure. Now we have on-tap insights into the business and how it’s structured.”

    Hein Bijl
    General Counsel
  • “I save at least six hours a week using effacts. Then we have 30 to 50 users who are each saving time too. We implemented effacts in a very short timeframe. After we implemented it, it took about only two weeks to get everyone using it.”

    General Counsel
    Effact User
  • Vebego

    “With effacts I can link all the information together: shareholders, companies, appointments, contracts and more. When I make a change in one place, the system updates everywhere.”

    Claudia Jacobs
    Privacy Officer & Legal Officer
    Vebego International

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