How to Manage Your Meetings with Help from Technology

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Meetings are a common tool that are widely misunderstood. We’ve all sat in a meeting that never ended on a Friday afternoon, the meeting where nobody pays attention, and the meeting where everyone wonders why they’re even there. Part of the reason why meetings are so unpopular is because they’re unstructured and conducted on paper, which leaves everyone with no choice but to sort through the chaos. Organizations that aim to boost their productivity can use the Meeting Management module from Effacts that enables them to meet more efficiently.

Create an agenda beforehand:

Meetings run longer than intended because nobody has taken the initiative to provide an agenda. Participants then assume it’s a good time to talk about anything and everything. Develop an agenda based on the outcome you want from the meeting and what needs to happen to reach that outcome.

How tech can help: You can create an agenda directly in the module and assign points to the responsible person along with the relevant documents. This way, everybody knows what will be discussed so they can prepare accordingly.


Start on the same page:

How many times have you attended a meeting where everyone spends the first five minutes shuffling through paper and frantically searching through inboxes for the right version of a document? Meetings conducted on paper are frustrating when nobody is sure what the latest version is.

How tech can help: Upload the relevant documents for each agenda point with drag-and-drop so everybody receives the correct version at once. You can also search within agenda points from previous meetings.


Keep a record:

Take note of actions that need to be taken and decisions that need to be made and who will carry out which tasks. Before closing off a discussion point make a decision about how to act on it. Assigning tasks and projects as they arise in the meeting will make sure that following up is more efficient.

How tech can help: Taking notes during a long meeting can be exhausting and can be misplaced after the meeting has ended. By uploading your notes directly in Effacts, everyone can view them at a time and place that’s suitable for them.


The more important the decisions that have been taken, the more important it is that they are distributed in writing.  Following up helps you turn your decisions into actions in a timely manner. What’s the point of meeting if you’re not going to take any action?

How tech can help: You can upload, preview, and annotate your resolutions in a central archive.  A summary provides a quick overview of the resolution and the meeting it belongs to.



The Meeting Management module allows users to conduct meetings digitally, from creating an agenda to following up afterwards, which saves time and effort. Retrieving and sharing information rapidly encourages collaboration – when all hands are on deck, solutions can be reached faster. Using technology helps you regain control of your meetings and transform them into a productivity tool.

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