Five questions to ask yourself before purchasing software for legal operations

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Optimising the way your legal departments operates can be a tedious process if not planned and implemented well. It used to be that only large corporate law departments could afford to optimise the delivery of their legal services by hiring dedicated legal operations functions. However, nowadays, with the right technology, even small legal departments can innovate, without taking time away from […]

What is Legal Operations?

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What is Legal Operations?  If you are part of a legal department, you are probably already dealing with Legal Operations, whether or not you know it as such. To answer the question”What is Legal Operations?“, it’s important to make a distinction between the two things legal departments focus on. The first is legal work like providing legal advice, managing litigation […]

CASE STUDY: How MSD improves contract management with effacts

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For companies operating several departmental databases, there is the prevalent issue of decentralized contract management whereby contract information is scattered around the buisiness. And should a potential investor come along or a merger take place, that issue becomes a big problem – especially for the legal department. This very well could have been the case for Elisabeth Hondius, legal head […]

How small legal departments can cope with an increasing workload

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If you think your job is more demanding and time consuming than a year ago, you are not alone. About 3/4 of in-house lawyers say workloads have increased compared to 2016. The question is, how can small legal departments cope with this increasing workload? For small legal departments that lack the budget to increase headcount or outsource legal work, this […]

GDPR: Choosing the right tool to manage personal data processes

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Are you searching for a tool to track and manage personal data processes within your organization? As the deadline for GDPR compliance approaches, the pressure is on to have systems and processes in place that keep data safe and help you mitigate the risks of a data breach. Obligations for both data controllers and processors have increased in comparison to the 1995 […]

How ineffective legal information management is leaving you burdened (and putting the business at risk!)

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For legal departments large and small, effective document and information management is fundamental to their success. In-house lawyers need to be able to look up contract information, track your obligations, generate insights on risk and opportunities at the snap of a finger. Not to mention that legal department is in a unique position to set an example for the rest of the […]

LegalEdge: How Better Legal Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

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Lawyers don’t make it easy for SMEs. Many charge sky-high legal fees and bamboozle with jargon, yet they don’t deliver obvious ROI. It’s no wonder many businesses don’t know where to start with it and, in fact, don’t have a legal budget at all. Check out the advice from LegalEdge CEO Donna Sewell on how to manage your legal budget, […]

GCs Make Good Leaders, But Technology Makes Them Great!

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Are you being asked to provide leadership in your business? If so, it could be due to your ability to forecast and harmonize – qualities that make GCs especially qualified to lead, according to a recent study by executive leadership firm Heidrick & Struggles. The study found that GCs outpace all other non-CEO execs in certain leadership attributes, indicating that GCs have what […]

3 reasons why legal departments are choosing the cloud

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Cloud technology and web applications have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. From Dropbox to Google and Facebook to Spotify, we’re using the cloud applications in so many ways to connect with friends and family throughout the world, across all our devices. As we become more comfortable using the cloud and web apps in our private lives, we become even […]

Going paperless: 8 steps to digitize your in-house legal team

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In the most basic sense, going paperless means we use software to create documents, we send them via email instead of printing and mailing, and we store them in digital format instead of in filing cabinets. Replacing paper with technology saves us time and money, making us more efficient and effective. While the advantages of a paperless, digital office are hard […]