Does your legal department suffer from inefficient contract management?

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Inefficient contract management can take its toll on overburdened legal departments. But it’s not only a matter of wasted time. Poor contract management can also cost your business dearly. According to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), inefficient contract management can cost businesses as much as 9% of annual revenue. In fact, inefficient processes can result in financial losses […]

Legal Operations: What to look for in a legal technology partner

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Today’s legal department is under pressure “do more with less”. Executives expect the legal department to be a true business partner, helping the business achieve their goals, creating value and keeping a keen eye on costs. To deliver on these expectations, legal leaders look to technology solutions to help them drive efficiency, generate insights and control costs. With many legal […]

How GCs in Small CLDs are Meeting their Legal Operations Challenges

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Ask any General Counsel about the legal operations challenges they face on a daily basis and the answer that comes back is most likely about increasing productivity, streamlining processes and/or creating value. It all boils down to operational efficiency, and being about to work in the most strategic way possible. To address these challenges, an entirely new discipline of “Legal […]

What is Legal Operations?

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What is Legal Operations?  If you are part of a legal department, you are probably already dealing with Legal Operations, whether or not you know it as such. To answer the question”What is Legal Operations?“, it’s important to make a distinction between the two things legal departments focus on. The first is legal work like providing legal advice, managing litigation […]

CASE STUDY: How Vebego got entity management under control

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As legal counsel, staying on top of corporate housekeeping can be your biggest challenge, especially when it comes to entity management. As the central point for managing corporate records, company structure, compliance and risk across multiply entities, you want to be accurate and thorough in all that you do. And this can be hard if your info is spread across […]

AI in the Legal Department: Can artificial intelligence transform your legal operations?

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Legal departments are under increased pressure to operate like any other business unit, controlling costs and providing value that affects the bottom line. To accomplish this, legal departments, and increasingly legal operations professionals, are keen to adopt new technologies to increase efficiency and operate more strategically, including those that use Artificial Intelligence (AI). While AI promises to help legal professionals, aside from creating […]

CASE STUDY: How GNT Group built an efficient legal department with effacts

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Along with company growth comes the growth of obligations, and of course risk. That’s why a company starting out as a small local operation and growing into a large multinational soon finds themselves lacking the legal support they need. And then comes the question of how to set up the first legal department and exactly what is required. A perfect […]

CASE STUDY: How CitizenM improved productivity in Legal and across entire organisation

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Many General Counsels find themselves inundated with administrative tasks, thereby taking them away from assuming a more proactive role in the business. All too familiar with this predicament, Hein Bijl – General Counsel of CitizenM – was glad to see the back of spreadsheets and manual processes when the company adopted a smart legal repository for managing all their legal […]

How small legal departments can cope with an increasing workload

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If you think your job is more demanding and time consuming than a year ago, you are not alone. About 3/4 of in-house lawyers say workloads have increased compared to 2016. The question is, how can small legal departments cope with this increasing workload? For small legal departments that lack the budget to increase headcount or outsource legal work, this […]

Best Practices for Managing Data Privacy

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Do you know exactly where your organization’s information is stored, and how? If you answered “no” or “not sure,” you have some work to do. Protecting data has become a complex task for organizations not due to the sheer amount of data, but also because of concerns about where and how the information is stored. Organizations that fail to protect their data and that of their customers suffer the consequences, rangign from hefty fines, lawsuits, and negative publicity. Here are a few best practices your organization can adopt to protect their information: