How to calculate your business risk using a Risk Assessment Matrix

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Pulling together a risk management plan for your company is no easy feat. Firstly, you need to properly identify the full gamete of risks that could impact your business. Then gathering and compiling all the necessary information requires time and resources. But arguably the most important step of all is calculating the level of risk by creating a Risk Assessment […]

Due Diligence Report – Real Estate and IP – proving your net worth

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Think you could turn around a prompt and thorough due diligence report verifying your company’s net worth if a potential investor or buyer came along? It is estimated that every year 7.5% of all company documents are lost and 3% are misfiled at a huge aggregate cost to businesses to locate or recreate these files. Not to mention that failure […]

Due Diligence Reporting – commercial records & contracts, claims & compliance – are you ready?

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Whether you’re a start-up or working for a well-established enterprise, one day you could find yourself lumped with the onerous task of due diligence reporting for a potential buyer or investor – and you’ll want to be prepared. If the preparation of due diligence falls on the CEO, CFO or sole Legal Counsel, it always pays to have a checklist of the […]

Replacing Excel with workflow software for legal departments

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For a long time, Excel has helped many legal departments get organized and make sense of their data. Excel is often the first tool we reach for to compile data, calculate, and share results on a full range of matters, from contract deadlines, claim status, or data to identify risk. However, once data is plugged into a spreadsheet, we often find ourselves wanting […]

Preparing your startup for due diligence

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Preparing for due diligence can be an all-consuming task for a startup. A potential investor or buyer might demand a long list of legal documents: board meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, the top 50 customer vendor agreements, the historical ownership structure of the company, and more. It’s up to your team to pull everything together in a timely manner to […]

How reporting on contract management can help you become a more strategic GC

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As General Counsel, one of your responsibilities is to keep track of the potential risks and opportunities in the company’s contract portfolio. However, when businesses have large contract portfolios, tracking the contract lifecycle from initiation though award, compliance and renewal can become a burden without the proper reports. Wasting time tracking down data means time away from assuming a more […]

How GCs can better manage intellectual property registrations

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Are your intellectual property registrations at risk? Intellectual property – whether it is physical or digital – is likely one of your company’s  most important assets. Intellectual property (IP), like inventions, words, symbols or artistic work, are often the main sources of revenue for your business. And as such, they need to be protected. Registering IP rights including patents, copyright, […]