Collaborating with the business

Do you struggle to provide legal advise to different departments across various entities, without being a bottleneck? Here's how effacts can improve collaboration.

The big collaboration challenge

As a legal counsel, you need to be on top of everything without necessarily being involved in everything. With limited resource, it’s just not possible to review every clause on every contract. And if you do, you’re likely to become an administrative bottleneck.

Unless you find a way to work smarter and empower your colleagues in the business to be more self-sufficient, you’re likely to be stuck in the role of a legal administrator.

What’s more, in-house counsels are taking much more of a managerial approach, helping each individual department to play a more active role in managing their legal risks.


The small but powerful effacts solution

With effacts, you can create a self-service centre for the wider business, enabling them to access and manage legal documents while you retain oversight and control.


Five ways you can put effacts to good use in empowering your business

1. Set access levels for different departments or individuals within your business
If you need to provide access to contracts, claims and company information to departments or individual members of staff, you can choose who sees what in effacts.

2. Provide access to standard contract templates
If you need to empower the business to handle simple contracts like Non Disclosure Agreements, but still maintain approval, then effacts enables your colleagues to access standard contract templates.

3. Make summaries of key contract information available
If you need to ensure that the key terms in contracts are understood by your colleagues in other departments, effacts can provide them with an at-a-glance summary.

4. Create custom in-take forms
If you’re finding it difficult to manage new contract requests from the business, then effacts can create simple forms that allow you to manage work more effectively.

5. Make compliance policies readily available
If you need to ensure that compliance policies are adhered to, effacts can make them available to the right colleagues across the business.


The transformative effect of effacts

effacts helps you collaborate more effectively with your whole organisation and empower them to be more legally savvy.


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"Different departments do a lot of contracting. With effacts they don’t need help from my paralegals, they can do it themselves. That saves them time, and let’s us concentrate on other tasks."
- Elizabeth Hondius, Former Director Legal & Compliance, MSD

"Other people in the company have access to the information they need without contacting us. Not only has this improved our productivity, but theirs too, because they can retrieve the information they need faster."
- Hein Bijl, General Counsel, Citizen M

"I’m seen as a legal department, even though I’m the only one. effacts supports me in delivering a broad range of services, while assuming a proactive, strategic role in our management team."
- Koen van Holten, General Counsel, GNT Group

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