Smart tools that give you superpowers

effacts gives you a simple but powerful set of tools to find, summarise, share, audit and report on your company’s legal information.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

effacts is more powerful than shared drives, spreadsheets or generic tools but easier to use than enterprise software.


Easily organise your key contracts, company documents, compliance policies, regulations, claims, cases, and intellectual property in one central place.

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Get easy, instant access to the information with powerful Google-style searches. You can even search for information buried deep in your contracts.


Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organisation.


Give permission-based access to different departments to allow them to see the information that helps them do their jobs better.


Set up self-service access to enable different departments to manage their own legal affairs, with your oversight.


Generate detailed reports and charts that can provide the management information your team or your board needs.


Set reminders and alerts to help you manage risk in contracts, entities, claims and policies.

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