How many times are you informed of an audit or asked to provide an update on corporate entities last minute? With effacts, you always have an accurate overview of your organisation’s legal entities, empowering you to deliver on reporting requests quickly and to provide value to stakeholders when needed.


All of your corporate information at your fingertips!

Say goodbye to manually updated spreadsheets and save time searching for corporate information.

  • Store documents related to business registrations, appointments, share class, shareholdings, and partnerships.
  • Search for historical or current information by entity, partner company or person.
  • Eliminate errors by consolidating your entity information in one place.
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Share corporate information with stakeholders quickly and securely.

Make key corporate information more visible and understandable to ensure the company is doing things by the book.

  • Get an overview of key corporate information for each group company that easy to share and audit.
  • Generate reports and org charts to view ownership and value across complex structures.
  • Manage user access by department and make documents confidential to protect sensitive data.
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Improve collaboration and work smarter.

Improve collaboration with the business and senior stakeholders, using smart tools that save you time so you can better serve your CFO and the board.

  • Automate routine tasks to reduce errors with the extra option to create workflows.
  • Monitor appointments to see officer and director term limits.
  • Gain visibility and save time for decision-making.
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Manage corporate risks and identify opportunities sooner!

Spreadsheets don’t give you the detailed management view you need to protect the company. Stay in control of mitigating measures and, in the event of a crisis, take action quicker.

  • Identify and asses legal risks across your entire organisation.
  • Set alerts to avoid missing key deadlines, like filing annual accounts.
  • Track changes in corporate structure and create customised, audit-ready reports.
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Download the Corporate factsheet

Learn how configuring corporate information in effacts can help you transition from legal manager to strategic business counsel.


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