Single Sign-On (SSO)

effacts‘ Single Sign-On (SSO) added feature allows users to simply login to their corporate environment (or Active Directory) and automatically gain access to effacts via a unique link. Create a seamless experience for all employees using effacts, whilst giving IT full control over user accounts and helping to reduce their workload.


Empower users with more convenient access to effacts

If you and your co-workers use a variety of enterprise applications every day, you want access to effacts to be as easy as possible. Remembering usernames and passwords for new software can be a headache, and a barrier to improving collaboration and efficiency across the company. With SSO, you can log into effacts using the same credientials you use to access other enterprise applications.

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A personalised & seamless experience

Users can access effacts with a unique link (https:// instead of navigating to the standard login page. With SSO, once a user has been authenticated they can bypass the login screen, eliminating the need to confirm their credentials everytime they log into effacts.

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IT is effortlessly in control of user management

Setting up new users and managing access manually can takes time and effort. With SSO, access is managed via your company’s Active Directory, which is managed by your IT. If a user leaves the company and their account is deactivated in the Active Directory, access is disabled on effacts at the same time.

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Increase security & reduce the risk of an internal data breach

Employees who use different passwords for different apps are more prone to forgetting their password or writing it down to help them remember, a big security risk. With SSO, user credentials and passwords are managed by IT,  eliminating the risk of password loss or unauthorised sharing.

Download the factsheet

Download the Single Sign-On factsheet

Learn how configuring Single Sign-On in effacts can help you maximise efficiency, convenience and security.

Single Sign On (SSO)

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