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The Emerging Role of Legal Operations

Explores the rise of legal operations and outlines a framework for streamlining legal operations

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How to Improve Collaboration Between Legal and Other Departments

Find out how to improve collaboration between legal and other departments

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5 key aspects of GDPR for legal departments

Learn key aspects of GDPR that legal departments need to understand in order to help you become compliant and assess the potential impact the regulation has on your business.

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Legal Risk Management in the context of GDPR: guidelines for in-house Legal Counsel

Learn how legal risk management can help you prepare for the GDPR

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Managing Contractual Risks in the Face of an Expanding Business

Learn how to keep track of the potential risks and opportunities in your contract portfolio

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Working as a legal counsel in an evolving technological landscape

How long can you sustain your way of working if you don’t embrace legal technology?

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Legal Reporting: KPIs for Corporate Legal Departments

Learn to equip your legal department with legal technology to generate insightful reporting

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Mitigating risk: Managing and reporting for in-house counsel

Learn how to implement a legal risk framework to help you identify, assess and control legal risks

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