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When your legal information is at your fingertips, you can save time on administrative tasks, improve collaboration across the organization, and create real business value.

Managing legal risks
Managing contracts
Corporate Housekeeping
Preparing for an audit
Creating insightful reports
Collaborating with the business
Preparing for due diligence

More than 1,000 in-house lawyers already use effacts. See what they say

  • Citizen

    “I can’t imagine a legal life now without effacts. Before effacts, we were unable to effectively keep track of our corporate structure. Now we have on-tap insights into the business and how it’s structured.”

    Hein Bijl
    General Counsel
  • “I save at least six hours a week using effacts. Then we have 30 to 50 users who are each saving time too. We implemented effacts in a very short timeframe. After we implemented it, it took about only two weeks to get everyone using it.”

    General Counsel
    Effact User
  • Vebego

    “With effacts I can link all the information together: shareholders, companies, appointments, contracts and more. When I make a change in one place, the system updates everywhere.”

    Claudia Jacobs
    Privacy Officer & Legal Officer
    Vebego International

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