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effacts gives you a simple but powerful set of tools to store, find, summarize, share, audit and report on your company’s legal information.

Think big, start small, deliver now!

Transform your legal department and drive operational efficiency with effacts. Take the first step: Organize your legal information, standardize processes and deliver results with an affordable, all-in-one solution.


How effacts works:

  • Store - Organise legal information and documents in one place to maintain a “single source of truth”.
  • Find - The most accurate information is always at your fingertips, whenever you need it.
  • Summarise - Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organisation.
  • Empower - Assign tasks and define collaborative processes between departments while maintaining control.
  • Share - Give permission-based access to colleagues and reduce the risk of a data breach.
  • Report – Proactively mitigate risk, identify opportunities and provide insightful reports to your CEO and Board.
  • Track - Monitor the status of legal affairs and set alerts to never miss a deadline again.

Standard features

  • Reporting suite ✔
    tooltip-Reporting suite ✔
    Reporting suite ✔

    An easy to use reporting tool allows you to create and save your own customized report on any matter you choose.

  • Full text search ✔
    tooltip-Full text search ✔
    Full text search ✔

    Searching for a name or date? With full text searches of documents find information faster - even if it's in the small print of contracts.

  • Document summaries ✔
    tooltip-Document summaries ✔
    Document summaries ✔

    View a snapshot of key information, like deadlines or contract terms, for every document you store in effacts.

  • Historical view of data ✔
    tooltip-Historical view of data ✔
    Historical view of data ✔

    Keep track of changes for all of your legal data.

  • Access Control Mode ✔
    tooltip-Access Control Mode ✔
    Access Control Mode ✔

    Control what each user can see and do. Assign user roles by type of information, dashboard, entity, department or business unit.

  • Workflow Manager ✔
    tooltip-Workflow Manager ✔

Additional options

  • Workflow Manager ✔
    tooltip-Workflow Manager ✔
  • Authy (Two-factor authentication) ✔
    tooltip-Authy (Two-factor authentication) ✔
    Authy (Two-factor authentication) ✔

    Add an extra layer of protection with Authy’s two-step verification, requiring a dynamic, one-time seven-digit security code in addition to a password at sign-in.

Explore the types of legal information you can manage

Add the types of information you need to organize now, then easily add more as you go.  Start immediately and avoid lengthy IT projects: effacts is easier to adopt, deploy and extend than other solutions supporting legal departments in matter management.

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